Quick Info

By hovering the mouse over elements in your code, EnsPlus gives you detailed information about method parameters, variables, types, type members and other elements, including any available documentation.


EnsPlus helps you navigate quickly through your solution, no matter how large it is. Navigation is supported for most ObjectScript elements including types, variables, arguments, macros, parameters, properties, methods and special keywords such as ##super and ##this.

Code Analysis

EnsPlus continuously inspects all your ObjectScript source code and provides you with inline warnings and errors. For most detected issues, EnsPlus provides actions and quick-fixes to automatically improve your code.

Server Explorer

Manage all of your Ensemble and Cache instances from within Visual Studio. Navigate through user and system files deployed on the server with full Intellisense support. All changes are instantly updated on the server and you can even drag your solution files (or even loose XML files) onto the server to deploy them instantly!

Visual Studio

With EnsPlus you are using the world’s most popular development environment Visual Studio. This provides you with all the benefits of this powerful environment including source control integration, build management and centralised deployment. Using solutions you can now work across all your namespaces in a single view!